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Episode #115: LGBTQIA+ Principles in Healthcare
Anna is sharing some of the disparities the LGBTQIA+ community faces in healthcare, and her top tips for becoming a more inclusive clinician. READ MORE
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Episode #114: Everything You Need to Know About Advanced Care Planning
Learn what advanced care planning is and get our tips for approaching difficult conversations as it relates to advanced care planning. READ MORE
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Episode #113: A Clinician’s Guide to Weight Loss Medications
Learn how weight loss medications work in the body and how to safely prescribe them as a real-deal Nurse Practitioner. READ MORE
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Episode #112: How to Boost Your Confidence in Clinical Rotations
Anna and I offer our top tips for increasing your confidence in clinical rotations and discuss what it means to be assertive. READ MORE
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Episode #111: How NPHub Is Saving Healthcare with Founder, Krish Chopra
Learn how NPHub ensures both students and preceptors get the best experience possible with founder Krish Chopra. READ MORE
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Episode #110: 3 Steps for Better Diagnostic Reasoning
We’re providing you with key terms to better diagnose your patients and showing you how to avoid errors in diagnostic reasoning. READ MORE