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Ep #104: Time Management Tips for Creating School-Life Balance
As we enter the New Year, this is a crucial time for us to explore what it means to find the balance between Nurse Practitioner school and life. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner is an amazing journey that’s well worth it, but it also presents many challenges when it comes to managing our time and finding READ MORE
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Ep #103: How to Save Time as a New Nurse Practitioner
If you want to balance seeing your loved ones with this busy period at work during the Holidays, you’re in the perfect place. The holiday season is a jam-packed time when all Nurse Practitioners want to give their full attention to patients as well as friends and family. But how do we do that without READ MORE
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Ep #102: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Credentialing Process
If you’re currently preparing to graduate or have just passed your board certification exam, you might be wondering, “Now what?” This is a common question we receive all the time, and once again, I am joined by Anna to guide you through the next steps. You’ve graduated, passed your boards, and the next critical step READ MORE
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Ep #101: Your Clinical Experience: From Dread to Excitement
The clinical experience can feel very stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating. Whether you’re preparing for your first-ever clinical rotation as a Nurse Practitioner student or you’re about to complete the last rotation of your program, this episode is full of gems that will help you navigate it with more ease. If you’re ready to look forward READ MORE
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Ep #100: Nursing SOAP Notes: Do’s and Don’ts for Clinical Documentation
This week, Anna and I are here to dive into a super important topic all Nurse Practitioners must be skilled at: clinical documentation. The most common and widely accepted format of clinical documentation is the SOAP note. It addresses the legal aspect of documenting the care you provide, but it also allows for consistency across READ MORE
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Ep #99: Mental Health as a New NP
This week, Anna and I are here to discuss a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: mental health and self-care for Nurse Practitioners. If you’ve taken any of our classes, you’ll know that we focus on stress and anxiety management as you prepare for boards, but prioritizing your mental health is vital READ MORE