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Ep #109: How to Conquer NCLEX Anxiety and Pass on Your First Try
Learn the tweaks and changes that have been implemented in the NCLEX, and why anxiety reduction and stress management must be top priorities. READ MORE
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Ep #108: Heart Month: Congenital Heart Disease & Being a Heart Mom
I know this podcast is where we talk about all things related to being a Nurse Practitioner and study tips, but I hope you’ll oblige me this week as I touch on something deeply important to me: Heart Month. For those of you who aren’t familiar, my daughter Meadow was born with a severe congenital READ MORE
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Ep #107: Global Nursing: How Nurse Practitioners Can Make a Positive Impact
The nursing profession aims to serve people all over the world, and this week, we’re diving into some of the global health initiatives in which Nurse Practitioners can get involved. If you have an interest in working on a medical mission or teaching health promotion to vulnerable populations, you’re going to love this episode. There READ MORE
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Ep #106: How to Succeed on Your First Day as a New NP
This episode is dedicated to those of you who are getting ready to head out into your first job as a real-deal Nurse Practitioner. You’re probably a little overwhelmed and anxious, but we hope this episode helps you step into your first day on the job with confidence.   Transitioning from nurse to Nurse Practitioner READ MORE
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Ep #105: Why Interdisciplinary Teamwork Matters
We talk a lot about the role of a Nurse Practitioner, but the truth is, we never truly work alone in healthcare. No matter what kind of Nurse Practitioner you are, you likely work alongside hospitalists, nurses, case managers, social workers, specialists, and ancillary staff. The unifying thread between all of you is to create READ MORE
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Ep #104: Time Management Tips for Creating School-Life Balance
As we enter the New Year, this is a crucial time for us to explore what it means to find the balance between Nurse Practitioner school and life. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner is an amazing journey that’s well worth it, but it also presents many challenges when it comes to managing our time and finding READ MORE