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Ep #95: Continuing Education: Staying Current as a Nurse Practitioner
Here at NP Reviews, we love continuing education. A thirst for knowledge in your personal life is important, but CEs are required to keep up with your certifications, and most states require them to maintain licenses, such as RN, NP, and even obtaining your DEA license. This may sound overwhelming, but CEs can actually be READ MORE
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Ep #94: From Registered Nurse to Nurse Practitioner: How to Shift Your Mindset
Nursing is one of the few professions wherein you can transition from an expert to a novice literally overnight. Some students transition more easily into their roles as Nurse Practitioners, while others struggle with obstacles like role confusion and imposter syndrome, which can feel extremely stressful and intimidating. That’s why, in this episode, I’m sharing READ MORE
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Ep #93: Your Guide to Medical Billing & Coding with Anna
I’m back this week with Anna to discuss a topic that seems to be majorly glossed over in Nurse Practitioner school, if covered at all. Medical billing and coding are two core factors that impact how you get paid as a Nurse Practitioner, which means understanding the “why” and “how” of them is vital. While READ MORE
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Ep #92: “What Should I Be Doing When?” with Anna
 One question that we receive all the time in our community and on every platform with which we engage with our students is, “What should I be doing and when?” This question tends to come up no matter what phase of the Nurse Practitioner journey someone is in – whether they’re a brand new READ MORE
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Ep #91: 2023 AANP National Conference Highlights
Anna and I have just returned from this year’s AANP National Conference in New Orleans, and we can’t wait to share our thoughts on it. We love any opportunity to see our team and all of you in person, and this was undoubtedly the biggest highlight of our trip. We are also staunch advocates for READ MORE
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Ep #90: Starting Nurse Practitioner School: What We Wish We’d Known with Anna
This week, I’m back with Anna again to continue our mini-series on the things we wish we had known at different points in our Nurse Practitioner journeys. So far, we have covered what we wish we had known before graduating from Nurse Practitioner school and starting clinicals. In this episode, we are taking it one READ MORE