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Sarah Michelle NP Reviews is Now Powered by Blueprint Test Prep

What do we always say at Sarah Michelle NP Reviews? “You will pass!” And SMNP Reviews students are doing just that, with a >99% pass rateBut the learning and education don’t stop when you pass your NP boards. That’s just the next step in your evolution as a lifelong learner. To support you in this journey, we’re taking the next step in our evolution. 

SMNP Reviews has partnered with Blueprint Test Prep, the industry leader in test prep and professional training courses. 

Who is Blueprint Test Prep?

Blueprint is disrupting the old education approach to test preparation and professional training with one crazy simple idea: Students learn more when they are having fun! Since 2005, Blueprint has been helping the next generation of medical and legal professionals achieve their education and career goals through a fun-focused, learner-centric approach. 

Blueprint combines leading instructors, engaging content, adaptive learning technology, and customizable study planning tools to create the most personalized and innovative learning experiences. The results? Students are more engaged and retain more of what they learn—with the score increases and pass rates to prove it!

The Best NP Exam Review Experience, Made Even Better

In partnering with Blueprint Test Prep, we’re taking the “better together” concept to the next level—combining SMNP’s proven review courses and supportive student community with Blueprint’s powerful learning technology to optimize your experience and your results!   

This is everything you love about SMNP Reviews, only better! So, what new features can you expect in our exam review courses? A personalized study planner, an engaging content format, practice exams, and Qbank with customizable practice sets. Check out the details below:

Personalized Study Planner 

Take the stress out of balancing your exam prep and life! Customize your plan to your goals and needs with drag and drop assignments and adjustable start and end dates. Even add personal reminders when you sync your plan to your phone calendar. And if you fall behind, the Study Planner rebalances your schedule to keep you on track.


Engaging Content Format 

Forget about long lectures that drag on for hours. Bite-sized video content is interspersed with quizzes, keeping your attention so you’ll better retain core concepts. You stay engaged and learning! 




Qbank & Practice Exams

Experience the most focused practice with 5 practice exams and Qbank of 1,000+ questions with detailed explanations. Customize to create your own practice sets targeting weak areas, then choose how you want to practice: Tutor Mode to practice with immediate answer explanations or Exam Mode to practice like it’s exam day!  



Prep With These New Features in SMNP Reviews’ Courses and Qbank

All these features are now LIVE, so you can take your prep to the next level for that extra boost for exam day. Choose your review. Study your way. Nail your exam! 

Live Study Group: All the SMNP Reviews courses and more! Add structure and accountability to your prep with our Comprehensive 3-Course Bundle PLUS live study sessions, a day-by-day study calendar, and supportive private community with our NP Success Team. All backed by a passing guarantee! The new features will be available in the Live Study Group starting with the June 29th session.

Comprehensive 3-Course Bundle: This all-in-one course bundle includes the Crash Course, Diagnosis In-Depth Review Course, and Pharmacology In-Depth Review Course.

Crash Course: With a question and answer format, this is your guide to figure out what you need to study further and boost your confidence. Full of memory tricks to make it easy and fun! 

Diagnosis In-Depth Review Course: With over 60 succinct videos covering 75+ heavily tested diagnoses, learn what you need to know for your board exam and future practice.

Pharmacology In-Depth Review Course: Learning pharmacology doesn’t have to be scary! Your firm foundation in pharmacology for both your exam and your future practice.

Primary Care Qbank: Boost your exam prep with 1,000+ questions, broken down by body system to reflect SMNP Reviews’ course content. Customize your practice sets and your practice style: Tutor Mode for answer explanations or Exam Mode for test-like practice.

Ready to get started with SMNP Reviews?

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