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Top 9 Questions about CPNP-PC Qbanks & the Certification Exam

Researching CPNP-PC certification exam details and the best exam review methods can feel overwhelming, especially when juggling patient care, personal life, and NP certification prep. Instead of spending hours searching, find answers to common questions right here! 

This post aims to clarify your exam review options, help you choose the right one(s), and provide insights for PNCB exam preparation. We’ll explore what a Qbank is, why you might want to use it for your exam prep, and also share some important info about the CPNP-PC certification exam itself.

1. What is PNCB PNP-PC certification?

The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) is the certifying body for Pediatric Primary Care NPs. If you pass the PNCB exam, your credentials will be CPNP-PC.

2. What is a CPNP-PC exam review Qbank?

A CPNP-PC question bank (Qbank for short) is a database of multiple-choice questions that helps you prepare for your certification exam. These questions are in the same format as the ones you’ll see on the actual exam and covers highly-tested topics.

The point of a Qbank is to help you simultaneously practice for the exam and learn about each topic (so you can figure out your weak points). To help with this, the SMNP Reviews Qbank includes detailed explanations with every question, including why the correct answer is correct—and just as importantly—why the incorrect answers are incorrect. 

These explanations also include related teaching images that distill the important information. And as a bonus, each CPNP-PC Qbank question includes a One Step Further question: a short, fact-based question and answer related to the main topic. So every question in the SMNP Reviews Qbank is actually two questions to help further cement your understanding.

3. How do I study for the CPNP-PC exam with a Qbank?

This detailed article “Top Test-Taking Secrets for Your NP Board Exam” includes our favorite study tips. Spoiler alert: you should target your “unknown unknowns.”

Here’s how you do that:

– Answer a question from a Qbank
– If you answer incorrectly, read the explanation
– Take notes about why the correct answer is correct, and make sure to take notes on anything in the explanation that you didn’t already know

If you do this for every question you answer incorrectly, and if you regularly review your notes and add information to topics as you do more questions, you’ll eventually determine your unknown unknowns. In return, you’ll uncover most of your blind spots that questions on the exam can ask about. 

The article also includes day-of tips like which terms to keep an eye out for to help you narrow down answer choices. Our goal is to help you succeed, so read as many of these tips as you can before exam day.

4. What makes the SMNP Reviews Qbank special?

Formerly by Rosh Review, our partner brand, the evolved specialty Qbanks from SMNP Reviews have detailed explanations, illustrations, personal analytics, and more to identify any areas of weakness and ensure you ace the exam the first time.

Here’s what you’ll find in your CPNP-PC Certification Exam Qbank:

– Over 1,300 board-style questions with explanations
– Covers material for the PNCB exam
– Personal analytics dashboard
– Expert Support
– Rapid Review
– One Step Further
– Pass Guarantee
– 100 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credit(s)™

5. How many questions are on the CPNP-PC exam?

It has 175 questions, which you have 3 hours to complete. 

Check the test content outline for content breakdowns.

6. How is the CPNP-PC exam scored?

Of the 175 questions, 150 are scored and 25 are not (called “pretest” questions). 

Pretest questions look just like the regular scored questions and are being vetted for their use as scored questions on future exams. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the pretest and scored questions, so just know that not all of the questions will affect your score.

Your total raw score (the number of scored questions you answered correctly) is then converted to a scaled score using statistics.

7. What is a passing score on the CPNP-PC exam?

The scaled score ranges from 200 to 800, and 400 is a passing score.

8. When does my CPNP-PC certification expire?

You must recertify every year, and there are additional requirements over a 7-year cycle. Read more about CPNP-PC recertification.

9. What if I fail my CPNP-PC exam?

Life happens. Between clinical practice, studying for the exam, and dealing with test anxiety, there is always the possibility that you might not pass the exam. We believe in you, which is why your subscription comes with a pass guarantee: your subscription is extended for free until you pass your exam.

Looking for FREE practice questions? Get started with a free trial for the CPNP Qbank—no billing information required! The free trial includes 50 practice questions with comprehensive answer explanations, beautiful teaching images, and powerful analytics to track your progress.