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How to Master NP Board Prep Using AI Technology

Unlock the future of NP board prep with Blue, the groundbreaking AI tutor chatbot developed by Blueprint Prep and extensively trained by SMNP content experts.

Designed to revolutionize your learning experience, Blue goes beyond traditional AI responses to help you work through AANP and ANCC questions step by step, reinforcing core learning principles and ensuring you arrive at the correct answer. Blue reinforces nursing fundamentals, helping you build a strong knowledge base for future questions.

Keep reading to find out what you can expect from Blue on your study journey!

Meet Blue: Your Personal NP Tutor

Imagine having an NP mentor around the clock to guide you through challenging questions and reinforce key NP concepts. That’s Blue!

Trained rigorously by the SMNP content team, using Blue resembles a 1:1 tutoring session, empowering you to approach all question types with confidence and uncover the correct answers on your own. You can be sure you’re getting the correct answer every time.

How Blue Enhances Your Exam Prep

Blue doesn’t just give you a yes or no answer—it teaches you how to approach questions strategically and guides you to the correct answer by sharing helpful tips along the way. By interacting with Blue, your answers are tailored to your needs.

As an NP student prepping for board exams, you can utilize Blueprint’s revolutionary AI tool to go deeper than you would on your own and to achieve faster results while studying.

Using AI for Board Prep

Have you ever felt frustrated while going through practice questions because you weren’t sure how the correct answer was chosen? Harnessing the power of AI with Blue allows you to optimize your study prep.

With Blue, you’ll feel confident as to why you reached this answer and capable of going on to the next question using similar strategies.

How Blue Works

Accessing Blue is simple! You can access Blue while in Review mode in the SMNP Question Bank. Live Study Group students will also have access to Blue for the duration of their course.

Look for the Blue chatbot icon in the toolbar and click to engage in conversation:

Once you start up a conversation, Blue will guide you through the question, helping you reach the final answer:

Want to see Blue in action? Watch our video walkthrough to discover how easy it is to master your NP board prep! 

Putting Blue To The Test

Some learners put Blue to the test, and here’s what they had to say:

“I love this!! I like how the AI tutor didn’t just give me an explanation but asked me questions and prompted me to think about it before explaining. That is how I learn!” from Michelle A.

“The fact that it was able to give a very detailed scholarly explanation and rationale. I was very pleasantly surprised.” from Mina A.

“I like the way Blue explains the content. It’s very detailed and clear. It allows you to test yourself.” from Sandy A.

Get Started Today!

At Blueprint Prep/SMNP Reviews, we are proud to be leading the way in innovative NP board prep, offering the most advanced methods and resources to ensure your success.

Blue represents the future of NP board exam prep, empowering you to truly master content and approach questions with confidence. We can’t wait for you to elevate your journey to becoming a real deal nurse practitioner using this tool.

Ready to get started? Sign up for the SMNP Question Bank or Live Study Group to unlock access to your new NP tutor. Let Blue guide you to NP board exam success and transform your NP board prep journey today!