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Testing Mistakes and Tips to Boost Your NP Board Exam Score

If you’re approaching your NP board exam, you’ll want to avoid some common testing mistakes that could hinder your score.

This video, “Testing Mistakes and Tips to Boost Your Exam Score with SMNP Reviews” by NP Ashton Glover, gives you some ideas for how to avoid common exam errors. It’s almost guaranteed to help you do better on your boards, so be sure to check it out!

6 Common Test-Taking Mistakes

Ashton starts by reviewing six common mistakes people taking the NP board exams often make, which are:

1. Application errors
2. Changing answers
3.  Procrastination
4. Not having an anxiety plan
5. Time management
6. Leaving questions blank

Then, for each mistake, Ashton gives you practical tips for how to correct it.

For example, Ashton notes when you should change an answer and when you shouldn’t, she provides great advice for creating an anxiety plan, and talks about six ways you can improve time management during the NP board exam. It’s incredibly useful material that will give you an edge on exam day.

How to Approach Difficult Exam Questions

As for how to deal with questions you don’t know the answer to, Ashton again has some great advice. She talks about using a dump sheet, eliminating answer A (which is statistically the least popular answer), avoiding answers with absolute language (always, never, etc.), finding opposites, and looking for answers that ask you to perform an action.

These tips are gold for anyone taking the exam, and it’ll no doubt help you deal with questions you don’t know the answer to in a more effective way!

If you’re taking the NP board exam soon and looking for ways to avoid common testing mistakes, this video is a great resource for you. And it’s just one of many in the SMNP series we’ve made to help you get ready for exam day. We cover test-taking tips as well as content that you will want to know for your upcoming exam and future practice!

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