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The Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep: Your Fast Track to Success!

Are you ready to boost your board exam prep? Imagine a full day of intensive, comprehensive instruction tailored to boost your confidence and prepare you to pass your exam. Well, now you can make that dream a reality with our newest course: the Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep!


What is it?

This isn’t your typical study session. Our 1-day live course is designed to give you a complete board prep immersion experience in just 8 hours! Led by our team of expert board-certified NPs, this course focuses on boosting your confidence, reshaping your mindset, and equipping you with the tools you need to pass your exams with flying colors.


What’s on the Agenda?

The Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep course provides all the live instruction of the Live Study Group course but in half the time (1 day vs. 2). With a schedule from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CT, including a built-in 45-minute lunch break and 10-minute breaks, you’ll dive deep into essential review material, gain valuable insights, and feel fully prepared to answer any question that comes your way. 

Who’s It For

If you’ve taken your board exam before and didn’t pass or you’ve been going it alone on the study journey for far too long and are ready to finally get the support you need in one day of complete immersion – this course is for you! Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep is a time and cost-effective option to prep for your board exam while still getting the support of live instruction.


Why Choose A 1-Day Prep Course?

We understand the frustration of setbacks but remember, failure doesn’t define you – it’s just a stepping stone to success! If you failed before or are not feeling confident right now, we will change that! By joining our Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep, you’ll not only fast-track your board readiness and confidence but also earn 10.0 Contact Hours. And for those retaking the board exam, we recommend pairing this course with our Crash Course for an additional 7.5 Contact Hours, as you will need 15 Contact Hours to retake. 

Save The Date!

We’re kicking off the first Real Deal NP 1-Day course on April 25, 2024! Can’t make it? Don’t worry – we have additional dates available on our sign-up page.


The Real Deal NP 1-Day Prep is priced at $350, making it an affordable option for learners who want quality instruction without breaking the bank.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t miss your chance to supercharge your board exam prep and set yourself up for success! Sign up now and let’s get you one step closer to becoming a real deal NP!

See you in class!

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