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Common Studying Mistakes & Tips to Improve Your NP Board Prep

So, you’re studying for your upcoming NP board exam. That’s great! But are you making these common mistakes that are hindering your progress?

In this Sarah Michelle NP video, Common Studying Mistakes and Tips to Improve Them by FNP Ashton Glover, you’ll learn about four pitfalls to avoid when preparing for your NP board exam: panic studying, procrastination, marathon studying, even distracted studying. Every single one of us is guilty of one of these for sure! She also shows you how to correct them, so you get the score you deserve on exam day and tackle the exam with confidence:

Top Mistakes to Avoid While Studying for NP Boards

Panic Studying

In the video, Ashton notes one of the most common issues she sees students struggling with when they’re preparing for their NP board exam:panic studying.” This occurs when students feel overwhelmed by the amount of material they have to cover. Because of the stress they are under, they study with no sense of direction and no set of priorities.

To avoid panic studying, Ashton talks about how students should set tangible goals, such as deciding what to accomplish during a study session, and focus on passing one exam at a time. Additionally, she says it’s important to remind yourself of what you have accomplished! So important to remember as you prepare to take your upcoming NP exam, because you made it through NP school, which is no small feat! This can also help build your self-confidence, and soothe your nerves.

Procrastination & Marathon Studying

Next, Ashton notes that 2) procrastination can lead to 3) marathon studying, better known as “cramming.” She explains why cramming for the NP board exam is such a bad idea, especially for a nurse, who needs to retain what they have learned in order to properly care for patients. Ashton lets you know how you can avoid marathon studying by setting up a study calendar, and gives you some tips on how to do so.

Distracted Studying

Ashton also talks about the danger of 4) distracted studying, or studying while scrolling through social media, watching Netflix, etc. Watch the video for the full scoop on you can do to make sure you stay focused when studying for the NP board exam!

Ask Yourself: How Do You Learn Best?

Finally, there’s a very useful portion of the video called “How Do You Learn Best?” In it, Ashton explains that knowing how to study for the NP board exam is really a question about what is the best way to study for YOU. She talks about how some of us prefer auditory learning, some of us prefer visual or kinesthetic learning, etc.

The best approach to your NP board exam prep will depend on which type of learning you prefer, and Aston gives specific studying tips for each category.

Further Reading

This quick video is a goldmine to anyone studying for the NP board exam. Ashton brings her expertise by identifying issues students struggle with when preparing for the exam AND she proposes helpful solutions to them.

So give the video a watch, and remember, it’s just one of many in the SMNP series designed to help you get ready for the NP board exam. Like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on all of the content we have to offer!

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