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Pediatric Growth and Development: What You Need to Know for Your FNP Exams

Pediatrics is a big topic, one there will certainly be questions about on your FNP exam. If you’re wondering what you need to review, look no further!

In this Sarah Michelle NP video, Pediatric Growth and Development: What you Need to Know for Your FNP Exams,” NP Caroline Grantham gives you some great information on what you should know about pediatric milestones for the exam, plus some useful tips on how to remember it all.

The video covers the key areas of pediatric growth and development, so you’ll be ready for questions about them on the FNP exam.

For example, Caroline reviews vital information about birth weight, and what a baby should weigh at six and 12 months of age. Plus, she defines what a pediatric developmental milestone is, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) categories in which they are monitored, including speech, play, learning, and movement.

Caroline also presents a timeline of human development, which is very useful for anyone getting ready to take their FNP exam. In it, she notes which pediatric milestones children reach during certain moments in their development.

For example, at two months a child should be exhibiting a “social smile.” At six months, a baby should be able to sit up. Separation anxiety often sets in at about nine months, and by the age of five, a child can perform amazing feats, like hopping on one foot!

Not only does Caroline present a lot of important information about the pediatric content you need to know, she also gives you great ways to remember it all. She shares with you some learning tricks she’s used over the years that will help you keep all of it straight, so you’ll be ready for the FNP exam!

So, if you’re looking for pediatric content that will help you ace the FNP exam, be sure to check it out. There’s a ton of great stuff in it, which will make your exam preparation a lot easier!