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Understanding Metabolic Syndrome as a Nurse Practitioner

It’s a pretty safe bet you’ll come across questions about metabolic syndrome on your upcoming NP board exam. That’s a complicated topic, one that can be tough to prepare for, but also one so important to recognize for future practice as well.

In this Sarah Michelle NP video, Understanding Metabolic Syndrome,” FNP Brittney Olsen breaks it down for you in a straightforward manner. It’s a great resource to have if you need to study up on metabolic syndrome before you take the NP board exam.

In the video, Brittney covers some important aspects of metabolic syndrome that you’ll need to know for the NP board exam. This includes why patients should be screened for it, who should be screened for it, what cluster of conditions make up metabolic syndrome, and the way it’s diagnosed and treated.

Diagnosing Metabolic Syndrome

Brittney explains that a patient must meet three of the five diagnostic criteria (increased waist circumference, hypertension, fasting blood glucose levels, elevated triglyceride levels, and low HDL levels) to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

You’ll definitely want to check out her diagnostic criteria “recap slide” at 4:40 to make sure you have it all down pat! It’s filled with specific information all about metabolic syndrome diagnostic criteria, and it’s a great resource to have if you’re preparing for the NP board exam.

Treating Metabolic Syndrome

Finally, Brittney talks about how metabolic syndrome can be treated. She says that patients can, in fact, do a lot to lessen the risks of developing and further complications posed by metabolic syndrome. These include engaging in regular exercise for at least 150 minutes a week (including two sessions with weights), eating whole foods, and losing weight. Her advice on weight loss is to just encourage the patient to lose weight, rather than tell them to lose a specific number of pounds.

Further Reading

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for a quick presentation about metabolic syndrome that’ll help you get ready for the NP board exam and future practice as a new NP, be sure to watch the video above! It’s just one of many videos in the SMNP series that can help you prepare for your NP board exam. Like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date on all of the content we have to offer!

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